Aberrant Art Gallery

Having relocated in 2010 from the San Francisco Bay Area, the Aberrant Art Gallery now enjoys a prominent location at 118 N. Beach Street in the Historic Riverfront District of downtown Daytona Beach, Florida. Situated directly across from the banks of the Halifax River, about a mile from the Atlantic Ocean, the gallery features the work, not only of Barry Kite, but several local artists as well.  The Gallery is open from noon to 6 pm.  (Okay, maybe more like 12:30 until 7ish, or 8ish, or whenever, or not if I have something better to do.) Mr. Kite will more than likely be there to harass you.  Just don’t ask why it’s called Beach St. when it isn’t near the beach. This just adds to the “aberrant” atmosphere. He’ll gladly enlighten you on some of the inspiration  behind many of his pieces.  And then you should gladly buy something.