Girl with Pearl Earring and Meth Lab

Girl with Pearl Earring and Meth Lab copy

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        “Girl with Pearl Earring and Meth Lab”

This is my latest work.  Had not done Vermeer for a while, so I thought I would introduce Johannes Vermeer to Walter White.     Now together, they can start doing something constructive and make some meth in one of those boring rooms with a wasted light source.   “Girl with a Pearl Earring” took Walter’s role.  The other ladies (all Vermeer) took time out of their busy schedules: pouring milk, reading letters, weighing jewelry and chipped in.  Vermeer from “Artist in Studio” graciously plays the part of the buyer.  Yes, he pays in Euros.  Who would accept guilders. Seriously.  You can tell that one of the ladies, assigned to mind the finished merchandise, couldn’t help herself from a little sample. Anyway, they all seem to be enjoying their work.  I printed a large, 39″ x 78″ version for my gallery. You can see it hanging in one of the gallery shots.  Can do smaller versions.  Let me know if you need one. **Did an edited version (to fit the card format) for the card line.