CollectorSetADYeah, I know.  You’re wondering:  “Where are all those old favorites I used to find on the Aberrant Art website, or I saw at your booth at one of those art fairs you’ve been doing since 1983?!  What about those cards you’ve been publishing since 1992?  Where can I get a hold of those?  Well, we (me) sort of decided to unclutter  the website and stick to more recent works.  The “Classic” card line is available as a “Collector’s Set”  and features a sampling of most of the older card line–many discontinued.  Also, the “Classic” Xmas cards are available as an “XMAS Classic Sampler Set”.  If there’s a print or a quantity of the older cards you need–give me a call or e-mail, and I’ll let you know what I got.

                               Here’s some popular “Oldies” still available:


C116 Christina Removed for Observation
Christina Removed for Observation
C111 Sunday Afternoon, Looking for the Car
C111 Sunday Afternoon, Looking for the Car
C074 Flea Market of the Gods
Flea Market of the Gods
C076 Original Sin
Original Sin


Barry's Booth Sacto Barry's Booth Pitts 2006