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“Pre-Raphaelite Caravan”
“Golf Caravan, Unmasked”
“Pre-Raphaelite Skateboard Mishap”



“Pre-Raphaelite Plumbing Emergency”



“3rd Planet, Corner Pocket”
“Austrian Expressionist Nudes at Lunch “
“Sunday Afternoon, Looking for the Car”  39″ x 52″ mixed media. over-painted pigment print on canvas. Call for pricing.
“Changing Times” (after Rubens)
Dangerous Women Buffalo Hunting 30×40. Call for pricing.
“Very Fine People…”

 Salyse Magazine: June, 2017

Salyse magazine: June, 2017 Cover

The Barry Kite “Zone” at the Parody Art Museum in Pattaya, Thailand.
" Almost Done!"
” Almost Done!”
Sistine Pole Dancing








"NightBucks" (canvas 20x36)
“NightBucks” (canvas 20×36)





Man Eating French Fries
Man Eating French Fries

“Man Eating French Fries” (39″ x 84″)